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Have you ever known something in your gut, that others can’t see, but you know its as real as anything you have ever believed or known? Articulating big ideas like that, at least for me, is like describing a dream you had that you can see in your head, but you just cannot explain.

That is how I feel about Grainhouse. I know, more than anything, that the way we are doing business is broken. We (founders, executives, leaders) are disconnected from our principals (if we even know what they are), we are barreling toward a future we don’t understand...and we cannot stop. I know that in the next 10-15 years (maybe sooner) as artificial intelligence gets its legs (in some cases literally), we are going to see disruption like never before. It’s the buggy and whip being taking over by the car, only this time we are the horses.

The goal for Grainhouse is to become a platform that gives ambitious people a way to work and collaborate in a world that will be mostly automated. So how do you build a solution for a problem that isn’t here yet? You start where you are and build the foundation. So where are we? What can Grainhouse do today to serve while we design for the future? Here are the fundamental things we are really (better than anyone I know) good at.

First, we can build teams. When I say teams, I mean Google’s product team, Apple’s hardware team, Chewy’s E-commerce team, global sales teams that produce billions in sales, teams that build Gulfstream jets, teams that create venture-backed startups. Real teams. We can make the best teams in the world because we have made the best teams in the world.

The second thing we are really good at is CREATING opportunities. That could mean finding new customers or partners, creating new solutions and sourcing the suppliers to do it or even finding a company to buy.

The goal for Grainhouse over the next couple of years is to build a community of suppliers and partners (we already have over 1000 globally) and to serve that community by delivering significant growth. As we grow ourselves, we will create a road map to inject sustainability into these partners, develop opportunities for potentially millions of people around the world, and figure out how to help companies and people do the best work of their lives. So when we say we are building the future of work. We literally mean, we are building the future of work.


That's Grainhouse, I personally invite you to be a part of the story.